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University vs Reality

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About Me:

Hi, I'm Matthew and I'm new to blogging, in fact, this is my first ever blog post!  I graduated uni in June 2021 with an HND in Graphic Design, luckily I knew what I wanted to do which was working in a creative agency. I applied for USP Creative in late May while studying and started 2 weeks after I finished my course. 

From a very young age, I have loved graphic design, practising my skills with free alternatives of the early Adobe Suite.  I was determined to learn as much as I could so that one day I would be doing design for a living. 

The Opportunity:

I spotted an opportunity with USP Creative via an advert on social media for a junior designer, I sent my portfolio across straightaway - although I didn't think I would get selected as surely there would be people with far more experience than me applying. 

I couldn't believe it when I was offered an interview, so you can imagine how happy I was when they offered me an apprenticeship!

So at the end of June 2021, just a few weeks after finishing uni I started here at USP as Junior Designer joining a team that had worked together for years.  To say I was nervous was an understatement, but from the moment I walked in the door, I was made to feel welcomed and immediately part of the team. 

Within our design team, there are 5 designers including me, plus we have a social media marketing team with another 3 members of staff so when we're all in, the studio is buzzing.  Ideas get bounced around and when I need help, the team are always happy to support and guide me. I have never worked in an office before and I didn't know what to expect, all I knew was that it was going to be busy.  

Working within a creative agency is fast-paced.  No two days are the same and you have to think on your feet a lot which was brand new to me and has given me even more skills, not just for work but for some elements of my personal life.  Who knew that would happen from a chance application. 

From the start of my role, the senior management team have said they want to give me an all-round experience which has meant I have worked alongside the social media team, helping them create campaigns and providing fresh ideas.  I feel like I have been given a great opportunity to expand my skill base in digital marketing. Each day I'm gaining more confidence which is showing through my apprenticeship as I am passing the exams with near-perfect grades.

The past 7 months have flown by and has helped me grow, not just as a designer but as a young person working in a highly competitive industry. My time here at USP Creative is helping me to work under pressure, increase my confidence and now blog writing. 

I am so glad I took the chance and applied for the role of Junior Designer, thanks USP for taking a chance on me.