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Step up and stand out

Competitive Edge

In a competitive tender, attention to detail is everything. Even the best pitches can be won or lost on the small nuances. Whilst you and your team might be buoyed, pitch fatigue can easily set into the panel and it’s key that your presentation stands out for all the right reasons.

So how do you get the attention your business deserves? How do you stand out against providers offering similar products and services without entering into a price war, taking all value out of your proposal?

Be Memorable

Whilst most audiences will politely sit through even the dullest presentation, the opportunity exists for you to grab their attention, and keep them engaged from start to finish.

Creating a dynamic and exciting presentation visually sets you apart, shows confidence in your offering and builds your credibility by taking the presentation seriously.

Be Different

Create a point of difference by highlighting the alignment of your two organisations.

Successful tenders are not won by just being the cheapest - they are won by expressing a set of differentiating behaviours that resonate with your audience. Turn the logical into an emotional connection. Don’t forget that we are all driven by emotion and mirroring the client’s values, ethos, objectives and ambitions in your own presentation is sending a message that you will work in harmony, be a trusted partner and know what it takes to get the job done.

The unconscious influence of mirroring and exploiting the synergies of your two organisations is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be ignored.

Be Succinct

Keep it simple and clear. This is sometimes difficult when trying to articulate complex solutions, but simple presentation slides keep the attention of your audience on you and your message and not on long winded written slides. Ensure that your slides support what you’re saying, and don’t simply repeat it.

Setting yourself apart means not just going through the motions. It really is worth investing in your presentation as poorly designed and presented tender submissions will reduce the chance of your company winning the work.

Can you afford not to stand out from the crowd?