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Brands are like people

Brands People

What happens when you meet someone for the first time?  Think about it. Within a few seconds, you’ve formed an opinion of them; how they look, what they’re wearing, their personality. It’s no different when we think of brands. We form an opinion straightaway, negative or positive, often before we’ve even encountered them.

Brands are complex, they have a personality and behaviours that differentiate them from others.  As humans, we like to align ourselves with brands we like, those that have similar values to ourselves, make us feel good to be around and we can trust to be our friend. Exactly how we align ourselves with people every day, whether growing up at school, or as adult friendships we have today.

And once you’ve connected and the relationship starts, it’s more important to keep it alive. Like family, friends and colleagues, we expect brands to behave in a certain way otherwise we feel let down, become angry and ultimately lose trust. If your brand has been working out, got a new haircut or a spray tan, it might attract some new followers, but if your brand belches at the dinner table or forgets your birthday, togetherness may not last forever!

At USP, we combine business insight with imagination to develop brands that make your audiences want to hang out, to become friends with. Because friends stick together, friends trust each other, and this is something we all value.