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Developing curious minds

  • Ipsen Bioinnovation

An employee engagement programme to create a unique culture, instilling pride and embed behavioural change across a global organisation.

The Challenge

To create a brand identity and values campaign around the principles of ‘Dare, Care, Share’ across Ipsen's global R&D sites. Ensure there is a clear understanding of the way in which each team member adopts these behaviours.

Our brief was to bring the values to life within Ipsen by creating excitement and enthusiastic action, over and above awareness. Ensuring a clear understanding of the way in which each team member contributes to achieving the 2020 vision.

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The Solution

Intentions alone can't change behaviour.

Behaviour change requires a new state of mind, and so in order to truly embed the mantra within Ipsen R&D we needed to foster a perpetual state of curiosity to allow these behaviours to grow.

We developed a strong campaign identity for the Ipsen core trait of ‘curious minds’, and further iconography to represent Dare, Care and Share. The combination of the brain (curious mind) and the behavioural intentions of Dare, Care, Share create a distinctive and impactful set of visual icons that are universally recognisable for this global pharma operator.

This message was rolled out across environmental graphics, installations and a variety of digital and static media for maximum effect, including animations, conferences, events, environmental, reward and recognition schemes as it was adopted across all areas of the business globally.