USP Creative

Repositioning for a new market

  • HBF
  • Skills Shortage Campaign

Addressing the critical skills shortage in the building industry to attract applicants to apprenticeships within the construction sector; by creating a campaign to raise the image and profile of the industry and celebrate the diversity of jobs on offer.

The Challenge

This is not just a short-term problem - in ten years’ time, 60% of the current workforce will retire, further deepening the gap in the workforce. Logic suggests the result of this will either be an increase in the cost of building houses or the skills shortage being filled from outside the UK.

There are clear challenges for the industry and overcoming them will require a joined-up approach, with all parties taking responsibility for the areas they can individually effect.

At the most fundamental level, UK students are not considering home building as a credible future career. They see it as less glamorous, less well paid and less likely to impress their parents than a desk job. The reality, however, is somewhat different. This is a sector characterised by jobs that are highly technical, innovative, challenging and incredibly rewarding.


The Solution

Young people are increasingly drawn to careers in design, technology and leisure which they see as fun, interesting and creative, and their parents see as credible choices; however there are over 100 trades and professions related to the building industry, from bricklayers and joiners, to designers, architects, surveyors and lawyers.

USP developed a recruitment and awareness campaign which highlighted the wide range of opportunities available. We created in bold graphic style and tone more in tune with the audience’s own brand choices, we elevated all areas of the industry to aspirational career options.

Working with schools to encourage a focus on science, technology, engineering and maths we also provided teaching aids, lesson plans and supporting material, as well as information on the wide range of careers available. Creating a toolkit and wide ranging on and offline materials for HBF and their members to use.